2018-2019 SACNAS Lobos Officers




President: Amalia Parra



 Vice President: Bryan Rubio
My name is Bryan Rubio-Perez, I’m a senior studying Physics and Applied Mathematics. I’m currently applying for Ph.D. programs in Electrical Engineering specifically in the fields of optics and photonics! Most of the academic opportunities I have earned throughout my undergraduate career were earned with the help of my mentors and the support system available to me. I want to be the part of a community that encourages and supports others to pursue their professional and academic goals. Being a part of SACNAS allows me to accomplish this.
Historian: Bianca Serda

My name is Bianca Serda. I am from California and have lived in New Mexico for about 2½ years. My major is Biology. I currently do research in Dr. David Hanson’s Lab, on photosynthesis rates of encapsulated algae. I joined SACNAS because I wanted to be a part of a group that supports each other to succeed in STEM fields.