2016-2017 SACNAS Lobos Officers


President: Dominic Medina
Dominic is a Biochemistry major and Math minor. He is currently a MARC Scholar working in the Brinker lab in the Nanomaterials department where he works to optimize plasmid delivery to cells using nanoparticles as a delivery vehicle. Dominic wants to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering so that he may start a career in synthetic biofuels.

Vice President: Jordan Weisend

Jordan is a senior studying psychology and biochemistry. Over the past year she has been working as a MARC Scholar, has contributed to projects with the UNM Cancer Research and Treatment Center (CRTC), and a joint project with both Sandia & Los Alamos National Labs. With the UNM CRTC, she worked with ovarian cancer and three dimensional migrational modeling. With SNL and LANL, she worked to model membranes by incorporating lipid bilayers onto silica microspheres. Jordan also hopes to further explore other research fields for the next year. After graduation, she plans to attend grad school, or join a post-bac program. Outside of the lab and school, she enjoys cooking, lettering and spending time with her 9 month olds: her son, Easton and puppy, Olive.


Secretary: Jane Nguyen

Jane is a junior at UNM studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Bioengineering and minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. She is currently a Ronald E. McNair and NSF Scholar working at the Center for High Technology Materials under Dr. Marek Osinski from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. They are currently adapting iron (II, III) oxide nanoparticles to commercial mouthwash in an attempt to prevent periodontitis, a periodontal disease that plagues over half of the adult population in the United States.She plans on becoming an Amgen Scholar and conducting research at Tokyo University to gain intellectual and global diversity as an engineer. Jane wants to utilize this diversity to become a potential candidate for graduate school where she plans on obtaining her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

Aside from school, she likes to consider herself a Pokémon master who spends her time hiking in the Bosque trying to catch them all. In addition to hiking, she likes to go volunteer at the West and East Side Animal Shelters/Lucky Paws and spend her time helping dogs find their forever home. When she is in the mood to stay at home, Jane tends to start playing the piano, reading classical novels/philosophical anecdotes, painting, and taking care of her two dogs and pet axolotl.


Treasurer: Marissa Harjoe
Marissa is a senior studying Biology at UNM. She works in the Dr. David Hanson lab exploring the photosynthetic role of green stems and the function of subsidiary cells in grasses. She hopes to pursue her PhD and continue work in plant cell biology or bioenergy. Outside of the lab, Marissa enjoys spending time in the Sandias with her 3-year-old daughter.


Graduate Student Liaison: Amalia Parra

Amalia is a graduate student studying molecular mechanisms involved in mitotic spindle orientation during asymmetric cell division and their involvement in development and disease. After completing her PhD she plans to pursue a career in bioengineering.